Sunday, September 17, 2006

Glimpses of Columbus

It's been ...what... 1.5 months already! Time has pretty much flown (sometimes at windspeeds of upto 15 mph) by and I realise i haven't really posted much about life here. Well. that ain't happening just yet either (just being lazy have loads to tell) For now, some pictures of random events/people/places is pretty much it.

I shall try to (at least) keep it chronological.
Picture 1: of the across-the-road-stores fame...and don't miss the skyyy!

Picture 2: the (wonderful, wonderful) Book Loft @ The German Village

Picture 3: Inside the Book Loft (well, almost...)

Picture 4: mid summer midnight rainnnn

Picture 5: My coup de grace (okay, bottle de grace)

Picture 6: Of long drives and endless skies

so far so good for now. more laterrr.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's TAG time-of-the-month!

Oh-kayyy, so, when you are silly pic tagged by someone who goes by the name 'Chronicus Skepticus', you wonder about the...the... veracity of the claim...the... the.. credibility of the cause... the... the... plausibility of the mission... the... the...likelihood of the veracity. Oh. so, I reached square one with that. Time to stop questioning and get on with it...but you get the picture, right? Oh wait. you haven't seen any yet.

So, where do I begin? I mean, silly-pic tagging me has either got to be a big mistake or an invitation to my albums (doesn't that - "invitation to my albums" suddenly sound kinky or something? like "Ooohh, why don't you come over and check out my albums sometime?") It doesn't? Right. so it's just me and my weird head.

Mooh-ving on then.
Picture 1

karate? kungfu? NOOO, sirree! It's DISCO GURRL!

Picture 2

really. it is. if you *knew* me, you'd know just how silly this pic is! and to all the friends freading fris: don't even think about it.

Picture 3 (Yep. I can go on...)

sigh. that's me alright. yes, with a cap covering my crotch. Go ahead. make fun of it. me. whatever. bah.

Oh dear GAWD! Nadal just lost! I am officially bawling now. AdiĆ³s, mundo cruel!


sniff...and I hereby tag ....sob...witchshine, wandering soul, future corpse, karmic twists and turns, and the unrest cure...*blows nose in hanky*