Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Djokovich - all for one and one for all

Found this hilarious video on YouTube - This is Novak Djokovic (in the 2007 US Open players' dressing room area) mimicing all his contemporaries. Watch him 'do' Roger, Rafa, Roddick...and even Sharapova!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Indian Ish-ports - kuch khayalat

  • Ching-Chong China-Mina Donkey-Monkey STOP!: I bet this is what the US Sporting fraternity as well as half the rest of the world is fervently chanting what with China having stamped it’s authority on the Olympics - both in the actual events and in their organization. On a personal note, I wish we could have the same (or even similar) gritty and determination, but we as a country/culture lack the discipline to make significant inroads into newer sports. Heck, we don’t even better the ones we’ve been in for donkey’s years. I don’t say we don’t want to, we just don’t get away enough from the dream to translate this to reality.
  • Dhishkayeon-Dhishkayeon: One guy does get away – and he only incidentally belongs to India. He would have achieved this feat if he belonged to any other country. Really. So, bravo to him and may he dream on. On a personal note, he would rise far more in my esteem if he were to donate all his prize money to better facilities for others of his sport and perhaps, other sports too. If he chooses not, well hey, more glory to him.
  • The Kumars at Number 1: At least, that’s what I am hoping! Though, the number 1 among the Kumars did have a heartbreaking loss yesterday. Hope is a four-letter word alright, but kambakth ussi pe duniya kayam hai!
  • Hockey mein chhakke nahi hote: …and evidently hamare cricket matches mein bhi.
  • Vamos Rafa Vamos!: A truly utterly deeply heartfelt moment of joy to see Rafael Nadal get the gold on the eve of his world number 1 coronation. Though, on a rather petty note, I would have liked it better if Federer had been the one to beat in the finals. His game was shockingly and rather embarrassingly un-Roger-y in the match against Blake. As a Rafa fan, it would have been somehow more satisfying if it were he and only he who could beat the mighty Fed on any surface. But, sigh, Fed seems to have his own plans here.
  • Of pervy-pervs and nervy-nerves: Was it just me or did the weightlifting coach of one of the USSR offshoots keep slapping his ward at the bottom each time before her bout? And then there was this (mutually consenting) huggy-kissy-touchy-feely between a US gymnastics contestant and her coach each time she went to perform and returned after. I am no moral police but she was 16, I think.
  • Saina ka kya kehna: The nerves in the previous point actually were in reference to this spunky 18-year-old. Ahhh…to go down after being up 11-3 in the decider is a pain only she can know of. My deepest regards for her game and spirit and thank you, Saina for allowing us to genuinely gloat, albeit for a few minutes in that match! We know who to look out for in London, 2012 – as do the badminton contingents of every other nation.

Basabhi picture to baaki haiaur ye post bhi….I guess.