Wednesday, April 13, 2005


..was reading a post on 'old favourites' on this blog ...and it featured 'Going to California' by good ol' Led Zep...reminded me of my (current) favourite 'California' number. Here goes Josh (Ritter) on the sunshine state:

Going out to California
Gonna let
the water warm my clothes
I’m alone
but I’m not lonely
Gonna trade
the weather for the Western coast
No don’t cry
I’ll be back
and I’ll bring the sun to shine
In your eyes
On your shoulders

Sunset Boulevard
will strip for money
Mulholland is a long drag
for the lonely hearts
Down along
the Imperial Valley
Runs a river
of homelessness and cinema stars

Don’t say
The trip’s been done
A hundred thousand times
Cause this one
Is mine

So I will work
at what work finds me
And I will take
what comfort I can get
I’ll be back
when I’m good and ready
California doesn’t seem to think
I’m ready yet
No don’t cry
I’ll be back
and I’ll Bring the sun to shine
In your eyes
On your shoulders

How *hopelessly* optimistic/forward-looking/shiny happy the youth is! ...maybe a case of the 'sunshine state' translating into the very being... ah well...

Friday, April 08, 2005

Hey, Einstein!

...was travelling in one of them RTVs the other day and a thought occurred:

RTV = Rural Transport Vehicle

Q: What's the 'transport' in there for?

Option A: ...As opposed to Rural DINING TABLE Vehicle or some such?
Option B: ...hey, everyone has a character-defining-nick-y-middle name, right?! (Ref: George 'Dubya' Bush, etc.)
Option C: represents the *true* aspirations of the mini van on a death wish - transporting to never/netherland.
Option D: All of the above

Do vote.

Please add on options. Lets figure this one, people.