Monday, January 15, 2007

Catching up/Getting ‘with’ it

Ok, so, phewww it’s been quite a while since I posted and hey, the year has changed since my last post too, so this one promises to be an “all-in-one” (read: an update on all that’s been and a sort of rounding off of the year that was) Here goes.

First up, been traveling like crazy and each and every instance has been characterized by the fact that there has been short/practically no notice. And I can actually say that I have been to each direction in our country in the last two months! First up was a visit down south to Bangalore (with a brief stint in Goa thrown in), followed by another business trip to (Hah! Coincidence!) Bangalore, yet another one to Mumbai, the briefest of respites in beautiful Binsar (for New Year’s eve), followed immediately by a trip to my technical hometown – Kolkata. Am back in Delhi now and hopefully (read: Inshallah/Amen) this is where I shall remain for a while!

Next, the year that was – I don’t know If I am the only person in the planet to feel so, but ’06 all but whizzed by me and lo and behold, ’07 is breathing down my neck and quite threatening to maintain the same pace if not beat the previous fly-by record! 06 began with my maiden voyage to foreign shores followed absolutely immediately by a nasty bout of (drug resistant – no less!) typhoid. These two events alone saw the first half of the year gone. Barely had I regained my footing when HEY, another off-you-go-now summons came along which led to me not only missing some more of the year that I had earmarked as my ‘landmark’ year (don’t ask me why. I just did, ok?!) but also, most of the festivals (the ones I actually like being in Delhi for!)…hell! I missed all the festivals. What made it even worse was that I had vacations and mini-trips planned during this period too. And like, I mentioned, ever since I got back, it’s been one wild ride…

On the personal front, lots of changes taking place – some losing significance because of the combination of volume and velocity they are coming at and some gaining significance by the day. But that’s another post…which, inshallah, shall see the light of day…someday!