Monday, May 16, 2005

Killer on the Prowl

What's like, the Number 1 killer of all relationships great and small? No, not infidelity or falling 'out' of love or incompatibility...these are all, more often than not, the consequence of something larger and more 'root-y' - insecurity. I'm sure this is not Einstein-like, breakthrough information for most of us, but why I bring it up today is (a)I have noticed a significant rise in the number of insecure relationships around me and (b) suddenly EVERY kind of relationship seems to be extremely susceptible to this 'malady'.

Numerous instances of insecurity manifesting abound:

  • The neighborhood auto (he's insecure about his daily wage and we're about being looted - in the case of women this extends beyond just the money)
  • Our professional lives – (the organization only seems to respond to an individual’s growth requirements when you wave a resignation in the face!)
  • Our personal equations – from friendships to the more intense re-lationships – insecurity flourishes and well, all but murders the happiest of them (us?)

What is common to all of these (and then some more…) is that along with many other aspects it kills in all of us, it does not allow for any respect to remain (if it existed before the evidence of insecurity is revealed) or to take form (if it is all new and in the build-y stage).

This is a
sad story too.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Where on earth is Tabu??

...besides being seen promoting milk in Tetra packs, of course...She is one of the finest actresses (bollocks to political correctness) of this lifetime et all and this is all she's doing? The last movie I watched featuring her was Maqbool...and that was like, almost a year ago now...what a collosal waste of talent, time, and well, tetra packs...

what gives?